There are many different roles that need to be filled in our branch from fosterering cats and kittens, helping in our charity shop, replying to enquiries to administrative tasks. If you have a few hours you wish to give towards helping cats and kittens in the Midwarwickshire area, please contact us - any help that could be given would be appreciated! Contact us: 01926 334849 or midwarwickcats@hotmail.com
Shop Assistant Volunteer

Our Cats Protection shops play a key part in raising the funds needed to help thousands of cats and kittens each year. Our shop assistant volunteers help with all aspects of the day to day running of one of our fantastic shops. They serve customers, help with stock rotation, create displays - and everything in between! They are part of a passionate retail team that make sure our shops are enjoyable places for customers to visit, leading to repeat custom and vital funds being raised to help our feline friends in need.

Closing date: 15 Jun 2018