Kitty is a gorgeous long-haired female tortie, aged 8 years. If you love your fluffy cats, then this is definitely the feline girl for you. Kitty is a sweet and affectionate cat, and she very much enjoys your company and sharing cuddles. She also likes having her beautiful coat brushed, for as long as you are willing and can spare the time. So far, Kitty has only ever lived indoors but she appears to be intrigued by the outside world and therefore we feel she may quite like the opportunity to explore a safe garden at her new home, so long as the outdoors is introduced slowly and on Kitty's terms.
Sadly, Kitty's previous owner has developed an allergy to cats and therefore Kitty now needs to find a new home. Kitty is not used to living with children or dogs and although she has previously lived with Lilly, she does not seem too keen on other cats.
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Gender Female
Age 8
Breed Domestic long-hair
Colour tortie
Can live with cats no
Can live with dogs no
Can live with a family no
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes
Feral cat No

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